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HEAD MOVING LEFT TO RIGHT.Hansa Creation Plush Toys and Animals. Portraits in Nature Series. Hansatronics Collection.

Dimension: 48.03(L) X 14.95(W) X 37.40(W)

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This plush toy and animal is a close reproduction of the SNOW LEOPARD, also known as the ounce.  It is a large cat native to the mountain ranges of Central and South Asia. It is listed as vulnerable because the global population is estimated to number less than 10,000 mature individuals and is expected to decline about 10% by 2040.

Scientific name: Panthera uncia
Mass: 72 lbs (Adult) Encyclopedia of Life
Trophic level: Carnivorous
Class: Mammalia
Family: Felidae

Realistic animals, "come to life", in this exciting new Collection called HANSATRONICS.   Everybody loves animals, and MOVING animals draw the quick attention and create the magical moments needed to trigger "BUY" decisions.   HANSATRONICS provide natural, animated movement to our individually hand crafted designs and some models are available with voice and singing for the ultimate crowd gatherer.   Let these adorable, interactive, "true to life" animals create "magic" while they delight and entertain your family, customers and guests.


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